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Frances Farmer

Elyse and Cheryl rule

Name: Brittany
Age: 21
Gender: female
Location: Indiana, USA, unfortunately, really it's as bad as it sounds

*Name 3 to 5 of your...*

Favorite bands/Why you like them:
1. The Police - I'm obsessed, they make me feel better when I'm sad
2. Papa Roach - The lyrics are are brilliant and I like the style
3. Less Than Jake - I have many fond memories involving the music and it's generally light
4. Plastic Gravy - I doubt any of you know of them, They died a long time ago. I was a roadie and my husband (we met 8 years ago) used to be the guitarist. Many fun times with them, plus I always like a good local punk band
5. Rancid - I love everything about them

Favorite movies/Why you like them:
1. Opposite of Sex - I love that movie, Any movie that deals a lot with sexuality is a plus with me, it doesn't hurt the Ricci is the star in it
2. Hackers - I love Angelina Jolie and I love her character in that movie, and the plot's good too
3. SLC PUNK - Anyone who went through the idealisms of punk should watch this movie, it's point is very clear
4. Dogma - I'm a Kevin Smith fan for starters, I also think people are to quick to judge based on religious beliefs, so this movie, to me, Shows more that religion isn't the enemy, that people taint religion
5. POTC - I hate to say it, but I want Johnny Depp in that movie, and I saw it with my bestfriend who lives in Nevada in theatre

Favorite books/Why you like them:
1. The whole Earth Children's series by Jean M. Auel - Very well written, gives good insight of the people that lived the world way before our time, I love the historical insights and the books made me find one of my passions, Anthropology
2. Where The Heart Is by Billie Letts - It's not as cheesy as the movie, it shows that the human spirit truly can overcome all obstacles
3. Making Faces and Face Foward by Kevyn Aucoin - I am obsessed with make up
4. The life of Emily Dickenson by I don't remember for the life of me - She was a truly interesting person and it was very well written, I couldn't put it down
5. Heavier than Heaven by I don't remember offhand, Cross I believe - I've read many biographies on Kurt Cobain, this one is the best in my opinion. especially since biographies tend to bore me

Favorite TV shows/Why you like them:
1. PowerPuff Girls - I don't know, it's addictive
2. Law and Order SVU or any other crime show - watch out for the crime shows, they are addictive, I like this one because the victims are actually alive
3. I don't know, Usolved Mysteries maybe, I'm honestly not a big fan of TV, I'd rather read

*Top Favorites*
Band: The Police
Color: Green
Food: Don't ask this, I'm pregnant, probably Chimichangas
Drink: water, and when I'm not pregnant straight vodka or white russians occasionally
Movie: probably SLC PUNK
Book: Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel (first in series)
TV show: Law and Order SVU
Place to be: Ann Arbor, Michigan, Downtown Olympia, Washington and West Lafayette, Indiana
Quote: "We are the 21st century, dislexic, glue sniffing, cyber sluts, with homicidal minds and handguns, we are insane, nothing will change" Jacoby Shaddix, Papa Roach, tightrope, that's the best I can do

Abortion: I believe it's a woman's right. Everyone makes mistakes. I do believe that both women and men need to be more responsible and should practice safe sex and that abortion shouldn't be birth control. I think that Partial birth abortions should be illegal except if the woman's life is endangered, because usually by then, she should know rather or not she wants to have the child or not and they child isn't a fetus anymore. Overall, there is no reason to judge anyone until we have actually lived their lives.
Suicide: It's sad that people will use suicide to get attention. When a person who is truly suicidal usually never voices it. It is very selfish, but most people, when suicidal, aren't exactly in the right frame of mind and it makes sense to them at the time. They truly believe it to be the best option for them and the ones around them. Sadly it's been proven that if these people would have talked to someone about it, they could be pulled back to rationality, but the people in the position often doesn't know the warning signs or are too scared to confront them.
Labels: Does anyone really like labels? Some people believe labels end with highschool, but that's absolutely not true. Infact the ones that a person recieves in the "real world" are usually harsher and based off things that people cannot help such as sexual orientation, religion, or race, etc. There is no true freedom anywhere, and to me labels are proof of that. As far as labels and designers. Stupid. You can usually buy the the stuff at a better price and not at the expense of others. But whatever a person really wants, ok. And for Music. Music is music. I can feel the same way about Rap (rarity though) as I can for any kind of rock. There are two true categories, good music and bad music.

What does your username mean? smile_4_bumper. Obviously I'm bumper, when making jokes in the car I called my hubby honey fucker and he called me boner bumper, so it kinda stuck. More of an inside joke than anything.
What makes you a freak? Like it or not, I'm me. I don't live to please others, though I enjoy helping people. I love body art, which by society's standards isn't "normal". As a child I was obsessed with Vampires since my sister made me watch horror movies, (not that that's bad, I like em) and I actually thought I was one. As I got older, after my father died when I was eight I was obsessed with death until my late teens. I'm not "normal" by definition, I guess I'm a freak.
Anything else you'd like to add...? Nah. This is long enough. Couldn't find any good pics, haven't unpacked from moving yet
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