stopreadingmyjournalyounosybastard (rattbastard) wrote in rate_the_freak,

a message from q-104.3 fm in ny...x-posted

Q104.3 is saddened to report that our friend, the
legendary Scott Muni passed away last night at the
age of 74. We want to express our deepest
condolences to the Muni family. Our thoughts and
prayers are with them at this time.

Scott's trademark gravelly voice graced New York
airwaves for five decades. But he's most
remembered for his relationship and friendship
with the Beatles. He always started his show at
Q104.3 with a "Beatles Block." Starting Friday at
7pm and continuing through the entire weekend,
you'll hear nothing but Scott's Beatles Blocks,
back to back. We can't think of a more fitting way
to honor the memory and legacy of "The Professor."

If you have a thought or memory of Scott that you
would like to share, we invite you to visit You can also call 212-819-5266 and
leave a recorded message. All messages and emails
will be forwarded to the Muni family.

'And in the end, the love you take is equal to the
love you make.'
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