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_~Elyse And Cheryl Rule!!~_

Name: Kym or Kyara
Age: 16
Gender: Girl
Location: Pretty Pennsylvania

*Name 3 to 5 of your...*
Favorite bands/Why you like them:
Slipknot : Their lyrics speak to me like none other. They tell me to stand up for myself and what I believe in. I'm Wiccan and I was just bitched at in class for it... guess what I did? I stood up for myself. Therefore, Slipknot is one of my favorites.

Cradle of Filth : They're just plain evil and scary. I love it. Very good anger release music.

Mudvayne : Another band that speaks to me. Awesome lyrics. "Middle finger is the flag that I wave when I'm silenced." Very good sound too, bass line kicks ass.

Nightwish : Tarja Turenen is my hero. She has a beautiful voice and sets the goth/classic mood with it. Their cover of Phantom of The Opera is sexy!

As My Shadow Fades : Local band. They are my boys. I sing with them quite often and John's lyrics (lead singer) are absolutely fantastic. I definately suggest you check them out at!

Favorite movies/Why you like them:
A Clockwork Orange : Brilliantly done. Stanley Kubrick is a true god of cinematography. The story speaks of the time. I love it, they really need to re-do it and re-release it, that would be awesome.

Nightmare Before Christmas : Yet another cinematographic brainchild born of Tim Burton, this movie is one of my all time favorites. A childs story and an adults all in one. One of my nicknames is Sally because I act like her sometimes and I sing Sally's Song constantly. Jack Skellington is awesome.

Mortal Kombat : Annihilation was good but the original was better. Very good story derived from the oh so popular video game. Game kicked ass too.
Favorite books/Why you like them:
Generation Slut by Marty Beckerman : Stats and stories about teens and their sexual escapades. Very well written with humor and seriousness mixed. I loved it.

Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice : Anne Rice is a literary genius. I love her stories. /explanation
Favorite TV shows/Why you like them:
Stand Up Comedy: I love to laugh. Friday nights are great with Comedy Central!

Venom ER : Snake and spiderbites and how they are treated. I love those creatures and I love to see how fast the doctors react and what treatment is required.

*Top Favorites*
Band: hard to say buut Slipknot.
Color: Silver
Food: Chicken salad
Drink: Diet Pepsi
Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas
Book: Generation Slut
TV show: Venom ER
Place to be: Anywhere there's a spotlight (a stage, most likely)
Quote: "Middle flag is the flag I wave when I'm silenced."

Abortion: Pro-Choice, but only if the mother is in danger of losing her life or is a rape or incest victim.
Suicide: "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem" ~ Abigail Van Buren. I've lost too many friends to it, it's stupid.
Labels: Should be effing banned unless you name yourself a label.

What does your username mean? my3pagefiction is a personalization of a song called "A Three Page Fiction" by As My Shadow Fades. It seems to work for a journal, no?
What makes you a freak? I'm crazy, unique, and just an all around stupidass lover of obnoxiousness. I work at Chuck E Cheese... yes, I'm that crazy.
Anything else you'd like to add...? Hi, my name is Kym.. and I am crazy. :)


Half asleep at my friends house

Me at 10 in the morning, still half asleep

I love being a dramatist
That's it for now. Vote Nader.. cuz, his name is close to Nads :-p
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